Sleep & Bed: We get our strength from innovation and R&D

Sleep & Bed Company Owner Burhan Çetinbulut evaluated the policies his company followed about production, export and going retail for Sleepwell magazine.

Mr. Burhan, emphasizing R&D and innovation in his interview, mentioned that power sources as a company are these two factors. Çetinbulut, stating that mattress types should vary according to geographical areas, said in his statement on this topic; “We have prepared our mattress collection by taking into account all climates, societies, traditions, habits and medical developments in our field in the world. As you would appreciate, a consumer living in Dubai and a consumer living in Canada will not have the same sleep habits, climatic conditions and expectations from a mattress. Considering all these facts, when we included our professional R&D team in our production process, we raised the quality level to a representative point in the sector.”

Can we listen to the story of the Sleep & Bed brand?

Hello, I am Burhan Çetinbulut, the owner of the company. Together with my brother Furkan Çetinbulut, we would like to express our great pleasure to welcome you at our facility today. We, as Mitsan Makine İnşaat ve Sanayi, Inc. started our journey in 1976. In our journey that we started with the production of foam for use in more than 40 sectors in industrial areas, today we are producing many sleep products in the field of foam, felt, mattress, pillow, quilt and even sleeping. We are serving in our 5 separate facilities, which have a total indoor production area of more than 126.000 square meters and are equipped with state-of-the-art production systems, and generate their own energy. Currently, Mitsan Group and our brands are exporting to 4 continents and more than 40 countries in the world.

The establishment of the Sleep & Bed brand turned from an idea into an inevitable move for us over time. Since 1976, we have produced many different models of mattresses for the world’s largest brands and markets, which have revolutionized their field. Our products received awards in many fairs around the world, they did not give up their category leadership in the marketplaces, and they achieved very good results in user satisfaction and feedback. That this experience, knowledge and quality burden is now crowned with a brand has become the expectation of our customers and the sector from us, rather than our decision. We launched our Sleep & Bed brand, which we named on November 01, 2021 and which received a higher and better return than our expectations all over the world. We greeted the sector with our new brand at the Istanbul Furniture Fair (IFF) in Istanbul for the first time in January 2022. We are very pleased and excited with the feedback we have received since then, the interest we have received and the speed of progress of our new brand.

Mr. Burhan, what kind of production policy do you follow as Sleep & Bed brand?

As I mentioned before, we have 46 years of undeniable experience in this sector since 1976. Since the day we were founded, we have always taken our strength from innovation and R&D. We have prepared our mattress collection by considering all climates, societies, traditions, habits and medical developments in our field in the world. As you would appreciate, a consumer living in Dubai and a consumer living in Canada will not have the same sleep habits, climatic conditions and expectations from a mattress. Considering all these facts, when we included our professional R&D team in our production process, we raised the quality level to a representative point in the sector. While producing our mattresses, we do not produce them as sleep products to be covered with sheets. In addition to being comfortable and healthy, we are designing our beds to be modern and stylish accessories that the user would like to see in their living space.

We are working with a long-term and modern packaging system that can be easily carried by a single user, and stores 5 beds in 1 bed area thanks to our roll-pack packaging systems. The consumer can easily transport even our largest bed with his personal vehicle, as if he were carrying a single carpet, and reach his home. Our products, which we vacuumed into roll-pack format, become ready for use shortly after unwinding. This plays a very important role in the preference and attention of Sleep & Bed. In this way, we can reach every part of the world in terms of logistics in a much more efficient way and in large quantities.

What kind of advertising and marketing strategy do you follow for the promotion of the brand?

When we set out for Sleep & Bed, we always looked at our brand from the perspective of the end consumer. What do we expect from a bed and sleep? What is it that we seek and do not find in our beds and in our sleep? We made our collection by asking ourselves these questions. Currently, Sleep & Bed takes the philosophy of ‘Sleep is a whole’ in all of its advertising promotion and production processes. No matter how nice your bed is, if your pillow is bad, if your quilt is not for you, then your sleep is not of good quality. For that reason, we want to offer our users sleep quality in every area in the Sleep & Bed sleep philosophy. Therefore, in our product range, we are producing in all sleep-supporting groups such as pillows, quilts, mattress topper, mattress pads, as well as mattress production.

Will you have an initiative to go retail in Turkey or abroad?

While setting out with our new brand in 2021, we had thought of evaluating the idea of going retail in our long-term planning. However, we could not be unconcerned to the intense interest and demands we received with our store concept, product collection and production range within the scope of the IFM Furniture Fair held in Istanbul Expo Center in January. We were greeted with the insistence and admiration of our suppliers and our new customers, whom we have not been able to refuse on this way that we have just embarked on with the excitement of our new brand. We have decided to take the process earlier, but to proceed with firm steps by evaluating our store requests from many different countries. Our first stores are now in service in Georgia, and we are very excited about their interest and performance. We agreed on the procedure in our chain store process in Dubai, and there are still many points awaiting approval for their requests for going retail in many countries. I would like to once again express our gratitude and thanks to our interlocutors for the interest, demands and congratulations shown during this process. Our sole goal is to be a brand that sets and raises the standards in the sleep sector by raising our quality standard day by day, producing the best in every field of sleep and increasing our service quality, and we are taking firm steps forward on this path.

Can you mention your export potential and the markets you entered?

First of all, if we talk about our export potential, as Mitsan group, which was established in 1976 and formed its sub-branches over time, we export to more than 40 countries with the foam, felt, mattress, pillow and quilt products in our product portfolio. Because of our diversity, we have the potential to address to almost all countries. Our Sleep & Bed brand exports products to in particular Europe, Central Asia, North America and South America, with the quality, capacity and reliable service approach it has reached. The continents where, as firm, overall sales show high performance are Europe and South America. Sales of our mattress, pillow and quilt product groups are at the forefront on online sales platforms (Amazon, Walmart) in countries in Europe, South and North America. In the future, we are aiming to increase our export potential to the top level with the company Lild, having market chains, which we have agreement.

Finally, Mr. Furkan, what distinguishes your company from other mattress companies?

We respect each of our competitors individually. We are very pleased with the existence of each of our competitors, who advance the sector and force us in this race, and we follow their success with respect. As we have stated before, we, as the Sleep & Bed family, produce with the philosophy of ‘Sleep is a whole’, by taking a vision at every moment. We are exerting effort to make a difference and raise standards in every area from packaging to transportation, from installation to usage. We are working to offer our consumers the perfect blend of fashion, health, technology, innovation and handicraft. We are one of the exceptional and powerful groups that can produce every main item from the foam to the felt of the mattress it produces in the world. We are aware of that we are an organization that is followed and inspiring in the sector with our CNC foam cutting technologies, our own internal fillings, our high quality felt production, our roll-pack packaging technology, our professional R&D team and the size of our production capacity. Mitsan Group has a remarkable production operation power of 126.000 square meters with its state-of-the-art facilities producing its own energy, which is rare in its sector. We are a preferred group company that has been working as the solution partner of the world’s largest organizations such as the Red Cross, Red Crescent and United Nations for 24 years. That we respond to these demands and to be preferred without exception for all these years is, of course, one of our greatest sources of praise that can distinguish us.

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