Aloe Vera
The aloe vera fabric we use in the fabric of our mattress protects the elasticity and freshness of the skin by cleansing the skin from dead skin with its skin regenerating properties.

Memory Sponge
The memory foam in the mattress takes the shape of your body when you lie on the bed, thus creating a balance of weight, temperature and pressure, allowing you to achieve the highest level of comfort. It prevents nervous system, spine and joint disorders by supporting the weight of the body.

Aloevera Visco

Aloe Vera’s Miracle of Centuries and Powerful Memory Sponge…

Aloevera visco, thanks to the orthopedic structure of the visco contained in the mattress, supports the body properly and balanced throughout the night, while preparing the day to start the day energetically. Skin-friendly aloe vera fabric balances energy and moisture in the body. It also protects the skin and prevents irritation. The combination of aloe vera fabric and the body shape of the memory foam creates a natural sleeping environment.

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