Carbon Yarn
Helps reduce stress and fatigue. It removes negative energy from the body. It has a non-sweating fabric texture.

Hyper Softness
In addition to its high density, it has an ideal comfort layer thanks to its flexible and soft structure. It has a velvety texture that easily takes the body shape.

Gel Memory Sponge Technology
Thousands of capsules are placed in the memory material to add ventilation. The increased permeability of the cells allows air to circulate through the mattress while minimizing the sensation of perspiration.


Energetic Sleep with Carbon Yarn…

We offer you the comfort you need to wake up energized for the new day with gel memory sponge and carbon yarn technology that takes the shape of your body structure. Meet the Carbon mattress, which uses carbon yarn technology to regain the energy lost during the day, and wake up to the new day full of energy.

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