Gel Memory Sponge Technology

Thousands of capsules are placed in the memory material to add ventilation. The feeling of perspiration is minimized while the cells with increased permeability allow air to circulate through the mattress.

Hyper Softness

In addition to its high density, it has an ideal comfort layer thanks to its flexible and soft structure.

7-Zone Pocket Spring Technology

Thanks to the 21st century sleep technology, the bag spring system that moves independently of each other, it provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep comfort in the sleeping position with its orthopedic feature.

Carbon Yarn

Helps reduce stress and fatigue. Removes negative energy from the body. It has a fabric texture that does not sweat.

Carbon Plus

Meditate While Sleeping

“I feel so tired today”, I hear you say. The human body and mind are exposed to stress and fatigue throughout the day. Here is a technology developed as a solution to this problem in carbon. Carbon technology, with its anti-static and anti-stress properties, provides you with a relaxing environment by removing negative energy from our body. In this way, you get up to 8 hours of sleep with 6 hours of sleep.

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