With an extra layer of removable mattress topper, the Craft Deluxe is the pinnacle of luxury and high comfort with the finest natural materials and hand-spun construction. With its double-sided structure, you can reach the comfort you want at any time. The special comfort layer supports the body and provides a relaxing environment with its orthopedic spring feature, while the Viscon yarn structure provides a unique sleep experience without sweating.

Craft Deluxe, whose charm is hidden in the details, will add air to your home with its careful design. processed texture and handmade. It will also make you feel the soft texture of the clouds. With its textural and sensory authenticity from nature…

Viscose Yarn

Viscose fabric, whose raw material is beech wood, cellulose like cotton, has a very high moisture absorption capacity. Thus, it does not sweat

Fiber and Cotton that preserves its naturalness and softness

Cotton has a unique adaptability to chemical treatment. It traps air inside, providing insulation to the fabric, quickly absorbing moisture in the fiber and expelling it through steam.

Hyper Softness

In addition to its high density, it has an ideal comfort layer thanks to its flexible and soft structure.

Extra Comfort Layer

It offers long life, easy and practical use with its special handmade and natural filling materials. It also prevents excessive sweating and cold thanks to its air pores.

Craft Delux

You will feel like you are hugging the clouds while you sleep…

Thanks to the special harmony of extra generous pure cotton and fiber we use in the filling of our Craft mattress, you can fall asleep faster and get a better quality sleep on your Deluxe mattress. You can feel like you’re sleeping on clouds.

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