Viscose Yarn

Viscose fabric, whose raw material is beech wood and has cellulose like cotton, has a very high moisture retention capacity. Thus, it does not make you sweat.

7 Zone Pocket Spring Technology

Thanks to the 21st century sleep technology, the bag spring system that moves independently of each other, it provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep comfort in the sleeping position with its orthopedic feature.

Hyper Softness

In addition to its high density, it has an ideal comfort layer thanks to its flexible and soft structure.


Feel the Nebula Texture…

It takes courage to reach perfect simplicity and you will feel a privileged pleasure as soon as you reach the beauty of your dreams. Craft, which interprets its modern line with traditional design elements, will give you this pleasure. Craft offers you comfort and aesthetics together. It will add a new style to your living spaces with its elegant, useful and stylish appearance. Viscose fabric with its high moisture absorption capacity allows you to have a quality and relaxing sleep experience without sweating in your sleep. In addition, 7-zone package spring system; It helps you fall asleep comfortably with its feature that provides support to every part of your body. At the same time, the extra comfort layer prepares an ideal sleeping environment for a soft sleep.

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