Dream Double Face

Washability Tencel Fabric
Washable tencel fabric is highly hydrophilic and optimizes moisture absorption with excellent cooling properties, cools naturally and inhibits bacterial growth. It retains its shine and color even after many washes.

Double Sided
Due to the multi-layered structure of the product, we offer you 2 different comfort options. The upper surface is suitable for those who prefer soft mattresses and the lower surface is suitable for those who prefer medium hard mattresses.

3D Spacer
Prevents the formation of bacteria and micro-organisms by preventing the temperature and humidity in the mattress from rising. Keeps sweating to a minimum by providing air circulation in the mattress.

Dream Double Face

Feel the comfort…

Our Dream soft product has 3 different density sponge layers and offers double-sided use to its users. In addition, thanks to the 3d spacer air duct surrounding the mattress, your product always breathes and provides a spacious sleeping area for its users.

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