Washability Tencel Fabric
Washable tencel fabric is highly hydrophilic and optimizes moisture absorption with excellent cooling properties, cools naturally and inhibits bacterial growth. It retains its shine and color even after many washes.

Visco Gel Technology
Thousands of capsules are placed in visco material to provide air conditioning. While the feeling of sweating is minimized, cells with increased permeability provide air circulation in the mattress. It also takes the shape of your body.

CNC Cut Sponge
We provide the best comfort to your body with special orthopedic 7-zone cnc channels opened in high density sponge. In addition, the opened air channels minimize the sweating problem by providing air flow in the product.

Dream Visco

Like the coolness of the sea…

While the gel memory sponge layer in its content is shaped according to the body temperature and weight of the person, it supports every part of the body in contact with the mattress and balances blood circulation. It always provides comfort with its washable natural tencel fabric. It gives a feeling of coolness and freshness in a hygienic sleep environment.

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