Produced from the sap of the rubber tree, this completely natural material reacts quickly to the pressure of the body with its elastic structure. With its perforated high-density structure, it maintains the temperature balance by providing air circulation inside the mattress, thus providing a healthy sleep environment.

Having an advanced fiber structure, wool has cooling properties against sweating and warming properties against cold. It has the ability to absorb 33% moisture without feeling wet.

Double Sided Feature
You can reach the comfort you want at any time with double-sided use. It offers you a comfortable sleeping environment in summer and winter with the special filling materials used.

Natural Plus

The Elegance of Nature…

Designed for those who are fond of everything natural, natural plus; Latex, produced from the sap of the rubber tree, provides you with special comfort in your bed according to the center of gravity with its porous structure. Linen fabric obtained from the flax plant provides air flow thanks to its large pores, while leaving you alone with natural sleep with its high moisture absorption power and quick-drying structure.

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