Elastic Sponge
This sponge with high density (dns) increases sleep comfort by combining its orthopedic structure with open-cell air permeability properties.

Knitted fabric
Knitted fabric made from natural cotton fibers provides personalized thermal comfort. Provides superior moisture management by balancing body temperature. Breathable texture and soft touch refreshes your skin.

7 Zone Pocket Spring System
Thanks to the 21st century sleep technology, the bag spring system that moves independently of each other, it provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep comfort in the sleeping position with its orthopedic feature.


Nostalgic Breeze…

Full orthopedic structure Prestige Full provides equal comfort everywhere with its edge support sponges. supports the back and waist in the most accurate way, does not lose its form for years. Ideal for those looking for a firm mattress. It adds elegance to your home with its eye-catching and nostalgic patterns.

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