Knitted Fabric
Knitted fabric made from natural cotton fibers provides personalized thermal comfort. Provides superior moisture management by balancing body temperature. Breathable texture and soft touch refreshes your skin.

7 Zone Pocket Spring System
Thanks to the 21st century sleep technology, the bag spring system that moves independently of each other, it provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep comfort in the sleeping position with its orthopedic feature.

Prestige Plus

A nostalgic breeze…

Designed to offer the perfect support the body needs while sleeping or lying down, prestige plus has all the comfort we expect from a long-lasting stylish mattress. With its 7-zone special package spring arrangement, it helps to reduce joint and muscle pain while balancing blood pressure and lowering blood pressure. Developed for those who want a firm mattress, Prestige Plus allows you to use it for many years without deforming.

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