Sea Quality Fabric
Sea qual fabric is a combination of high quality fibers. It is also an environmentally friendly fabric made from recyclable plastic waste that accumulates on ocean shores.

3D Spacer
Prevents the formation of bacteria and microorganisms by preventing the rise of temperature and humidity in the mattress. Keeps sweating to a minimum level by providing air circulation in the mattress.

7 Zone Pocket Spring System
The 21st century sleep technology, the bag spring system, which moves independently of each other, provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep comfort in the sleeping position with its orthopedic feature.

Sea Qual Soft

The Miracle of the Ocean…

To determine a sustainable future, it is important for humanity to choose new companions. That’s why this product, made with fabrics collected from ocean waste, inspires nature. While enjoying a comfortable sleep, you leave behind a clean nature.

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